Neighbor, oil on canvas, M. M. Thein    

Art Gallery & Art Classes

M. M. Thein (Pathein) is a founder and mentor of Sunflower. He is a full-time artist and art teacher. Sunflower was started as an art gallery and collected Burmese art. We also teach art to adult and children. We are one of the pioneers of children art in Myanmar since 1984. We curated and initiated the first children art exhibition of Myanmar in 1996. 

Natural dye silk shawl made by Sunflower

Natural Dye Fabrics

We produce natural dye cotton, silk, lotus in handloom. Specialized quality products of shawl, fabrics and custom-make order. Most raw materials we used are  local made yarn and natural dye to promote local products and sustainable practices.   




1) စစ်မှန်သော ပြည်တွင်းဖြစ်ကို အားပေးပါ။ Support genuine local products. 
2) သမာအာဇီဝကျကျ ကျင့်ကြံပါ။ Adopt ethical business value.
3) ရိုးရာအမွေ(ပညာအမွေ၊ ဥစ္စာအမွေ) နဲ့ ဖန်တီးနိုင်စွမ်းများကို လေးစားလိုက်နာမယ်။ Respect indigenous heritage and creativity.